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Kathy Duxbury Welchert

Profile Updated: February 25, 2014
High School Class Of:
Residing In:
Sioux Falls, SD USA
Robert Welchert **
Laurence, born 1969 **Jason, born 1971
Do you have Grandchildren? How Many?

Two Grandsons


I have had a lot of ups and downs in the past 50 years but I have also had a lot of fun. I have been a Nurse Aide, Hair dresser, Certified Nursing Assistant, Student at Dakota State, Certified Nursing Assistant for a Catholic Mission School on the Navajo Indian reservation in New Mexico, Program Assistant for the Challenged, Student again at Augustana where I finally graduated with a B.A. in art and working towards a minor in Psychology, I am Mother n law, Grandmother, artist, potter, author, needle worker, and gardener. You know Jack of all trades Master of none. I am retired and spend my time doing the things I love to do. I find that there is not enough time in the day to get all I want to do done. Well at least I don't have time to watch my neighbors.


I am so glad I attended school when I did. There are so many restrictions on the kids today. I for one would have probably been expelled many times at good old CHS. Remember Pump pump pull away and all the games we played out on the school grounds. Today they are not allowed to play like that. What a shame. If they did today what some
of us did ( no names) to the teachers back then it would make the national news. It was bad enough that they had a special school board meeting about some of us once. This was not a good thing since my Father was on the school board at the time. Those of you who new my Father would know this was not a good thing for me ( laughing). Well I 'm just saying we had some great times back then.

Favorite TV Show of All Time

The Carol Burnette Show

Where else have you lived?

Howard, Milbank, New Mexico, Sioux Falls, and Georgia

How old do you feel?


Any gray hair yet


What is your favorite memory of CHS

There are too many to say.

Do you like Coke or Pepsi?


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